Sunday, 5 April 2009


Today I:

-Got up early, even after working really late the night before, to get a haircut :D

-Wandered around my part of town for half an hour only to realise that all the barbers and haidressers nearby were shut on Sundays x_x Went and did some food shopping to avoid wasting my time..

-Heard noises in the flat while I ate breakast; I thought I was alone? D: Turns out it was the "meh" flatmate coming back from Greece..

-Met up with my aunt for lunch. She's a lawyer, so she plans to look at my flat's contract to see if I can bail on the Landlady From Hell...

-Did a bit of shopping with my aunt :) She had to get some things for my other aunt's hen party (Moulin Rouge theme), so we stopped by a vintage shop where I got this AWESOME jacket <33

-Worked from 8 onwards... Absolutely exhausting, I was left to fend for myself against another rowdy hen party and all the crazy guys surrounding them. But they tipped really well! :P

Saturday, 4 April 2009


Breaking away from the usual format for a bit, just to apologise for the lack of updatage from this blog over the past couple of days. It seems that while everybody else decides to blog/vlog every day during April, I've unintentionally decided to just stop all daily antics (that is of course, except DailyBooth :P). I promise it's not deliberate and that I have things to say :D

So, in the past few days I:

-Made a new video for my personal channel, finally! I swear I'm not letting vloglovers and life consume me :P

-Got approached by a fake Charlie(issocoollike) on DailyBooth, asking "Could they upload an important message to my channel", because apparently Alex had already done it and "his was processing". Upon checking COOLIIKE (replace an L with an I, geddit?)'s profile, I saw he had one picture and his name was "Toby". XD Massive fail.

-Had a big long Skype call with Min ^_^ (it's occurred to me that this might not seem like a big thing to most people, but we usually talk via MSN, so Skype's an occasional novelty :D)

-Escaped Asshole Friday at work, by being sent to the upstairs bar for our music venue launch party, where I earned MORE tips than the girl I was working with xD

-Remembered that everybody is going to Nottingham/Derby for Dave's gig this weekend and felt gutted :(

-Got in an argument with a female customer at work, about who between us was "the drunk one" after she asked for the wrong drink and proceeded to blame me.... really? xD

-Started writing down/filming new bits of video ideas that I hope to work on this week :D

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Today I:

-Woke up to find YouTube UPSIDE DOWN ahmagad!

-Played my own April Fools' joke on vloglovers with the help of Alex :)

-Decided not to do Vlog Every Day April- I have few good video ideas during April while I have an empty flat, plus I have this every day. I might blog on my other page, but what to talk about?

-Went to the pub in the afternoon with Team Awesome to celebrate the end of Linguistics... and found out from my tutor that "nobody failed", meaning I passed! :DD

-Met some of my old friends in the evening, and we went to see "Duplicity"... Wasn't really sure what to expect when going in to see it, but it was pretty entertaining.

-Went out for some drinks with the friends, and got home earlier than the night before... but still, I'm worried now that publicising this makes me a bad influence :P DON'T DO DRUNK KIDS

Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Today I:

-Slept until 1pm. OH GOD I've needed a lie-in like that for so long ^_^

-Wasted the afternoon (again, ^_^)

-Went out to a pub quiz at the workplace with some staffmates. We didn't win :P

-Drew the O RLY Owl on a scrap of paper at the quiz, and one of my teammates got the reference. Win!

-Headed out to a club with obscenely cheap drinks....

-Came home after the end of it all and drunk-Dailyboothed. Thankfully you can't really tell xD

Monday, 30 March 2009


This weekend I:

-tried to avoid additional internet tiems (like YouTube, blog entries etc) to focus time on my Linguistics assignment. Didn't do too great xD

-Spent a lot of time sitting at my desk, feeling uninspired and trying to figure out what the hell was actually expected from me..

-Worked both Friday and Saturday night. Came up with some more ideas for a bartender video, and established that footbal fans are much, MUCH worse than rugby fans. Are they even people?

-Had a training session at work that basically involved getting paid for three hours of being told stuff I already knew :P

-Internally waved bye-bye and danced inside when I realised the shit flatmate has gone home for the holiday :DDD

-Didn't go to the Doctor Who exhibition when I was supposed to, even though I had a ticket booked by my parents for Christmas :( It's okay, I had work to do and nobody to go with anyway; I've got another ticket for the date of the gathering :D

-Pulled the classic all-nighter move to finish off the Linguistics write-up; If I ever have to hear anything about variables of -ing in Lancashire English again, I'll die.

-Handed it in with 6 hours of my extension to spare!

-Spent the rest of the day napping, making drinking plans with some friends and generally not doing much else. I'm free ^_^

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Today I:

-Got my Anthropology essay mark- Passed, get in!!

-Watched as Team Awesome's speaker wiped the floor with the other tutorial groups, in today's Linguistics presentations! xD

-Learned that the NTAs are being put on hold until possibly early next year due to ITV being made of fail.. Not really sure where that puts me :S

-Did some epic cleanage of my flat, it's really been needing it and now that the better flatmate's gone home for three weeks, I'm kind of defending my corner alone...

-Discovered that a girl in my tutorial (Team Awesome) whom I've been working with almost every day for the past 5 weeks, is a YouTuber! She knows all the Shetlands crowd, is a Nerdfighter, and has been subscribed to me this whole time, and yet never brought it up! She might read this- HAI CARA

-Got a text from Min about Darling Harbour and had a sad. I wanna go back :(

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Today I:

-Slept in because for the first weekday in aaages, I've had no 10am class, woohoo!

-Watched Heroes while eating breakfast- I am now all caught up :)

-Sellotaped Barney to a wall. I don't have to explain this further.

-Recorded a fairly decent vloglovers video. Recorded.

-Had to deal with the Landlady from Hell, who I didn't know was coming because she can't get my email address right (and blamed me). As soon as she walked in, the day went bad- The sun went behind a cloud, Barney fell off the wall (lol), I found out I couldn't bail out of my contract to move into my new flat right away (and she wasn't happy about me wanting to go :P), and to top it all off, Lappy decided to mysteriously lose the video files. RERECORD FTL

-Sat stewing in anger in my room while Landlady from Hell pottered about the flat making stupid remarks in her uber-snooty voice -_-

-Eventually rerecorded, edited and uploaded the vloglovers video xD

-Watched Robot Chicken for the first time in ages before falling asleep in "preparation" for the 9am class :P