Friday, 20 February 2009


Today I:

-Woke up at 9.55am, due to my phone randomly switching itself off in the middle of the night, thus no alarm. The test was at 10am. (INSERT WILHELM SCREAM HERE)

-Threw on some clothes and RANRANRAN to the lecture theatre; turning up sporting the World's Most Epic Bedhead, out of breath, practically about to have a heart attack and MARGINALLY ON TIME

-Sat the test. It went okay, I think..

-Went home to sort out the bedhead, and decided against crashing back into bed for a "well deserved" nap.. since I probably didn't deserve it xD

-Had an unexpected [read: AWESOME] MSN conversation with an old high school friend, Cleo, who I haven't spoken to in a looooong time! ^_^

-Got a karaoke version of "Geeks In Love" from Tom, after he downloaded all of Lemon Demon's discography. It's awesome, now I just need to find something to use it in :)

-Made pasta and meatballs for dinner, it looked (and tasted) pretty damn unattractive..

-Got a call halfway through my dinner from an irate boss, who wanted to know why I wasn't at work. Hmm, Ionno, probably due to the fact that you've changed the time I was supposed to start at without telling me? -_-

-Went to the bathroom before work to find spilled water and Gillette all over the floor, as well as hair all over the sink. Shit flatmate apparently had been shaving. He now has a name, it is Lewis Hendry. Please find him and end him.

-Worked a typical Friday night shift. Friday night is basically Asshole Night, it's when all the people with terrible attitudes/social skills decide they want to get drunk and take the frustrations from their rubbish minimum wage jobs out on unsuspecting bar staff. You can tell I feel quite strongly about this :P

Thursday, 19 February 2009


Today I:

-Woke up (yes all my entries do seem to start like this xD) feeling slightly unexplainably ill, possibly through tiredness... felt better eventually, though :)

-Almost didn't go to lecture because of teh ill... glad I did though, they were doing a practice version of the Ear Training part of tomorrow's Linguistics test.

-Went to the shop after the lecture, bought some supplies and went STRAIGHT TO THE LIBRARY

-Spent over 5 hours in the library (possibly a record for me since the days when my laptop was broken :P), and pretty much stayed off the social side of the Internet (to an extent).

-^_^'d uncontrollably at how personal Min was in her first VL video*.

-Had an iced mocha; the only nice thing was the aftertaste. Otherwise, it was pretty much just cold coffee Dx

-Bought Greg Holden's album from iTunes, to listen to while I worked... then remembered my work involved listening to the dulcet tones of Glaswegian undergraduates :P

-Took care of the rest of those awful transcriptions from yesterday. Now to draw them up and write under 1500 words about them...

-Dug up reading materials for the other two essays I have to write this week x.x

-Spent the evening reading up on Ear Training and Instrumental Phonetics, and calling it an "early night" for the test. Wish me luck!

*Yes, I know, you're sick of hearing me go on and on about Vloglovers. Am I going to stop? No. :)

Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Today I:

-Had a really weird waking-up pattern: I set at least two, if not three alarms every morning (:P) and today I slept through half of the first (it plays a song), turned off the second, but got up on my own accord before the third...

-Learned in my Linguistics lecture that the submission process for my assignment due Monday is REALLY ANNOYING AND COMPLICATED.

-Freaked out about the transcription part of the assignment, because I couldn't find the sound files and forgot how to work the program; eventually figuring these things out only to find that the speaker in the files is a fast talking Glaswegian, too x.x

-Tried to do the speech transcriptions in the quietest part of the uni library. Epic fail..

-Bought luncheonable things from Tesco, and got served by an old man who rabbled on about his life and his next break :)

-Picked up my guitar for the first time in ages, and may have accidentally played some actual chords, that I'll probably never be able to replicate xD

-Went to view a flat that I've been offered a place in, by some of my neighbours from last year- I LOVE IT IT'S BIG AND AWESOME AND CHEAP AND FUN AND DOUCHEBAG-FREE <333

-Nuked a pizza- and by "nuked" I mean put it in the oven to cook for 15 mins, allowed my brain to be frazzled by uni work and forgot about the pizza until about an hour later >_<

-Banged my elbow off something (possibly the shit flatmate who was wandering around in a towel) while running to save the pizza [read: save the flat from burning].

-Had a big long Skype call with Min. The 19th is kinda our monthly anniversary... Yes, we're that couple....

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Today I:

-Forgot to set an alarm the night before, and thus slept in :S

-Filmed, edited and posted my first individual vloglovers video

-Established an outro for the video in the editing process, which Min and I quite like :)

-Got my new freakin' awesome t-shirt in the post from TshirtHell- see it here

-Felt under the impression that the shit flatmate is hiding from the rest of us...

-Went out for a big reuniting night out with my old flatmate Derek/old next-door neighbours, for Derek's 21st <33

-Mixed lots of different types of alcohol, and again didn't feel the expected effects. Weird.

-Met my workmates in the middle of another birthday event that I was supposed to be at xD

-Accompanied all the workmates and our party to the same club.

-Arrived home after everything closed, still in a coherent enough state to post this :)

Sunday, 15 February 2009


On Friday-Monday I:

-Spent half a day battling with a suddenly slowed-down Movie Maker, to edit the first Vloglovers video.

-Had a message exchange with an old neighbour who's looking for a new flatmate next year.. YES PICK ME PLZKTHX

-Headed into Glasgow via bus with Tom, where we met Jomma, Mhazz and Sinead (formerly lolsinblows), and headed off to get the party started (ooh dear >_<) at Mhazz's, where we were eventually joined by Ginger Chris.

-Fell asleep on a couch in the middle of the party xD (actually, the party was pretty much at its end, but it was a busy room :P)

-Woke up to the words "McDonald's Breakfast", "FUUCKKK YOOOOUUUU" and other choice phrases...

-Hung out in Glasgow on Saturday, made a video in John's flat, went back to Mhazz's and did a BlogTV show 'til late :)

-Got my hair cut by Mhazz on Sunday :O

-Filmed some skit material with Tom today before he headed off home..

-Ate a cake with no hands, questioned Todd's existence and sang in Italian in my FourGuysAndMhazz video.

-Decided to go for an "early night" because I have a looottt of uni work to deal with tomorrow, as well as my first proper Vloglovers video, and a reunion with my old flatmates...

Thursday, 12 February 2009


Today I...

-Sorta kinda maybe forgot to write this yesterday...

-Sat in the same annoying lecture theatre for two hours. I say annoying because of the layout: the desks are waaay in front of you :P

-Tidied my room for Tom getting here, and realised that my room gets messy really quickly..

-Gave aforementioned Tom acute advice on how to get into the city centre.

-Sent some emails that I've been putting off all week :P

-Edited most of the first video for vloglovers, it's cute-tastic xD

-Picked up Tom at midnight!

-Had lulz before remembering I had uni in the morning...

-Went asleep, having not written this up xD

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Today I:

-Had my 9am Anthropology tutorial -_- Who can think coherently at that hour? We were discussing Culture and Science, and I rambled on about Pilocrates and Christian Dark Ages...

-Finally figured out the name of a person I've been chatting to in both my Linguistics and English lectures since the beginning of the year... xD

-Panicked about the amount of work I have to do in the next couple of weeks..

-Recieved my Durhamology diploma ^_^

-Cleared out the inbox of my (pretty much unused) AOL Email inbox... I haven't deleted a message since the beginning of July and so let it accumulate to over 11,000 messages...

-Amused my girlfriend with nerdy Valentine's stuff <3

-Tried to make pasta in a really small pot (since shit flatmate won't wash the big one after him and I'm not cracking), but it just came out looking like brains x.x

-Went to work from 7-closing time, for my last shift until next Friday. Too many staff meant that final cleanup took 15 mins :D

-Had to cut off wasted people from drinking too much in the bar, to which their response was "Huurrrr derrp fuckyoouuu". They were removed from the premises shortly afterwards..

-Almost forgot to write this (hence after 3am). I've been doing it daily for a week and a half, it's not routine yet? :/

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Today I:

-Woke up at a decent time! =D

-Decided that, following the coarseness of the language in my previous post (it just seems so "blokeish") that this entry would be slightly more eloquent in its wording.

-Attended my one lecture for the day, which shot by in a flurry of phonetic sounds that were frightfully similar; This caused me to be apprehensive of next week's test, in which I must identify the differing phonemes...

-Spent some of my tips from all my hard work over the past week on some things to keep me more organised- folders, notebooks and the like.

-Sat in the University library for several hours, downloading reading material, lecture notes and sound files for upcoming pieces of work.

-In a combination of graphic work, music mixing and video editing, I finally made the new Vloglovers intro; 13 seconds long, but it's some of my best work yet. ^_^

-Came home to discover that the Landlady of Death had brought an electrician to fix ALL the faulty lights! Even the mysterious one in the shower! :D She's not so bad..

-Eventually noticed in the kitchen that the electrician had just ripped out the halogen lights to replace them with a tube light, and now we have holes in our kitchen ceiling. xD

-Burnt my pizza (what am I supposed to do, I'm a student!), but fixed it with the aid of barbeque sauce (by "fixed" I mean "made it more edible"...)

-Filled in that "25 Fact" tag game that's going around Facebook (has it reached YOU yet?)

Monday, 9 February 2009


Today I:

-Woke up in time for class, but physically could not move due to physical exhaustion from working all weekend :S

-Missed my morning lectures as a result- instead slept and woke up refreshed, but annoyed.

-Sorted out a bit of the recycling and tidied the kitchen with my better flatmate, in preparation for the Landlady of Death's visit tomorrow.

-Had a chat with better flatmate about shit flatmate. Agreed that, basically, he's shit.

-Made my FourGuysAndMhazz video, in which I feature some of my friends and Min via Skype, draw a giraffe, and neglect Dave's birthday because I'm a massive tool.

-Made it to my 4pm lecture- and shouldn't have bothered. It was some woman in Social Anthropology blatantly dictating a textbook in front of her...

-Rapidly went from lecture theatre to newsagent (for milk), to kebab shop (for dinner), to my flat (to upload the video/change), to my pub, in a rather hectic hour.

-Did a 6-10 shift at work, cleaning out the cellar after the weekend x.x

-Nicked some spare rubber bar mats to put under the dirty dishes in my flat (courtesy of shit flatmate) :P

-Made a half-arsed attempt at cleaning the bathroom for the Landlady of Death- I'll just make a point of not being in when she shows up...

Sunday, 8 February 2009


Today I...

-Woke up with half an hour to get washed, dressed, partially fed and actually leave for work >_<


-Practically started speaking in a Welsh accent, due to the amount of them in the bar all day for the rugby match..

-Managed to watch a bit of the Scotland v. Wales game in between serving. Decided rugby's still not my thing :P

-Made a few people in the bar laugh when, after putting up with a rude customer whistling and clicking his fingers at me to get my attention, eventually turning round and yelling "MANNERS" in his face. xD

-Ate my face off on my break- That's a figure of speech, basically I ate a lot..

-Noticed it snowing a little bit at some point in the evening....

-Finished work and walked out into a CRAPTON OF SNOW.

-Enlisted the help of a stranger in the street to record a bit in the snow for the Durhamology challenge tomorrow.

-Had a phone call with the mama figure and realised I haven't been home in a couple of weeks....

Saturday, 7 February 2009


Today I:

-Was supposed to work from 2pm-12am, but had it swapped to avoid doing too many hours this week; so I started at 9pm instead.

-Worried about Chris and the fires around his area...

-Chatted to Min, and used a godawful song title as a pun during the conversation (I probably shouldn't elaborate, but all I'm saying is it was by Ida Maria).

-Cleaned my room, to an extent. There are less clothes lying around, anyway...

-Experimented with a couple of new Default Images on my channel. Settled for one that looks really pretentious, but attractive at the same time :P

-lol'd a lot at Myles' new project xD

-...then realised that I have been moving my hands a helluva lot more in recent videos, and wondered why/how to cut it out...

-Got into a shouting match with an ignorant customer at work because he refused to accept (and blamed me) that his working class drinks promotion couldn't be accepted during major sporting events. Anti-hating IRL ftw!

-Finished off the shift by getting sent to neighbouring clubs to borrow plastic glasses, and returning to see they'd ordered PIZZA =D

-Realised that I'm back at work at 10am tomorrow. I should go to sleep...

Friday, 6 February 2009


Today I:

-Woke up fairly later than usual, which was fine because no classes today..

-Spoke to Min for hours, after she'd been away for a week <33

-Found my sister's blog :O

-Worked from 7pm, and got home around 5am (hence the reason this is actually being typed at a ridiculous time on Saturday morning...)

-Spent the night bestowing my knowledge as a veteran barman, to a throng of newbies.

-...And not much else. I've been trying to list ten things every day, but today, ten didn't really happen xD

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Today I:

-Saw a guy in the street while walking to my lecture, with long blonde hair over his face and wearing one of these except more green. He looked like Link IRL xD

-Left my Linguistics tutorial slightly early because of a fire alarm. Watched as new arrivals decided to go into the building for their lecture regardless o_0

-Was asked to replicate the pronunciation of a word in a Northern English accent in my English tutorial, but instead accidentally blurted out something that sounded more like a perverted version of how Tom sounds...

-OMG'd at how well the new video seems to be doing :D

-Got frustrated with a hater who, following from a reply on Stephen's featured video continuously demands "how a webpage (read: YouTube) can change your life/have an impact", and just brushes off all the examples I give as "fake". wtf?? Why ask if you're just gonna refuse the answer? >:/

-Made a ham and cheese bagel for lunch, for about the third day in a row xD

-^_^'d at the better flatmate- she made apple pie for us!

-Felt happy because I got my holiday request granted for the weekend of Mhazz's birthday, in the middle of the Six Nations!*

-Felt gutted because I had to turn down Ginger Chris' wonderfully smile-inducing invite to Pub Thursday with the Glaswegian crowd, because...

-Went to a workmate's 21st birthday, drank quite a bit but apparently not enough, and just felt a little awkward. Had a good time, but kinda would've preferred Glasgow, in retrospect..

*The Six Nations is a rugby tournament for six different countries' teams. Obviously this is a very busy time for pubs...

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Today I...

-Realised I'm gonna have another essay crunch in the next two or three weeks: Something due in from every class, as well as a test in two weeks!

-Had a phone conversation with Alex in my lecture theatre while he waited on his delayed plane.

-Got my exam result back from Social Anthropology: passed ^_^

-Watched happily as "David Tennant On The Internet" made its way across several websites :)

-Recieved a thank-you message from David saying to "let him know if he can return the favour". I will NOT be exploiting this, I'm sure it was just politeness. xD

-Had a LOT of Skype conversations.

-Arranged with one of my better flatmates to work together, to sort out all the recycling that has been piling up for months.

-Made Todd a new video banner in about 5 mins

-Watched Coronation Street (don't judge me), and noticed that every time they cast a Scot, he ends up being a psycho villain...

-Had a brief message exchange with another YouTuber who lives in Edinburgh called Magnus- meeting him for coffee some point next week! *I also made him a banner xD*

Alan-esque Skype convo of the day:

Chris says: get married kay?
Liam Radge says: eventually...
Chris says: NOW
Chris says: FOREVER
Liam Radge says: FINE
Chris says: good
Chris says: yay
Chris says: wedding
Chris says: am I invited?
Liam Radge says: obviously
Chris says: sick
Liam Radge says: you're the Maid Of Honour
Chris says: FUCK YES
Chris says: I have honour coming out the wazzu

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Today I...

-Confiscated my own shampoo from the bathroom, because it turns out my douchebag flatmate's been excessively using it just because he can't be bothered to go out and buy his own (THIS IS A GREAT START TO THIS ENTRY xD)

-Had some thoughts about the shocking parallels between my real flatmate and Jack...

-Made labiodental and palatal noises in my Linguistics lecture, that made the whole class sound less like students of Edinburgh Uni and more like "Special Needs"...

-Made a relatively important video about an issue with David Tennant that's going on right now (see it here)

-Had a fun text exchange with Tennant's niece (the person I've been discussing the whole issue at hand with)

-Missed my girlfriend. Like, a lot. Doesn't help that she's in Singapore right now and so no can has MSN :(

-Designed a sexy new video page banner for myself, I liek it muchly ^_^

-Spent almost £50 on food and things, and had a great time trying to carry it home. Hid the toilet paper from my flatmate because he goes through four rolls in a week >_>

-ONLY HAD A SKYPE CONVO WITH IVANTALKS! He's a YouTuber from last year who started out roughly the same time as me; we were friends until he got hacked and disappeared, but it was lovely to catch up!

-Remembered why Ginger Chris is my all-time favourite.

Monday, 2 February 2009


Today I:


-Had to trudge through said snow to get to my lecture. Arrived late, and looking like there was a dead possum on my head where hair should be.

-Trudged back home through snow and lost my vision. I should point out that Edinburgh is the WINDIEST PLACE EVER, so combine that with snow and an extra Siberian gust...

-Made my first video for FourGuysAndMhazz. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out :)

-Decided the moral degradation of forcing myself back through the snow for my afternoon lecture wasn't worth it.

-Didn't go food shopping because of the effing SNOW.

-Made a pasta dish out of the food I have left.

-Went to work for a 6-10 shift, primarily cleaning out the pub's cellar.

-Persuaded Stuart the chef to make me nachos before he left ^_^

-Wrote this, then settled down to watch a movie. Then remembered that writing about future events in the past tense doesn't work in Science...

Sunday, 1 February 2009


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