Monday, 2 February 2009


Today I:


-Had to trudge through said snow to get to my lecture. Arrived late, and looking like there was a dead possum on my head where hair should be.

-Trudged back home through snow and lost my vision. I should point out that Edinburgh is the WINDIEST PLACE EVER, so combine that with snow and an extra Siberian gust...

-Made my first video for FourGuysAndMhazz. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out :)

-Decided the moral degradation of forcing myself back through the snow for my afternoon lecture wasn't worth it.

-Didn't go food shopping because of the effing SNOW.

-Made a pasta dish out of the food I have left.

-Went to work for a 6-10 shift, primarily cleaning out the pub's cellar.

-Persuaded Stuart the chef to make me nachos before he left ^_^

-Wrote this, then settled down to watch a movie. Then remembered that writing about future events in the past tense doesn't work in Science...


  1. I knew it! You're obviously a timelord if you can write future events in past tense.
    Everything makes sense now....

  2. Did you manage to take any photos of the snow? I was reading Dave's blog and he had two very pretty pictures <3

    I really wish it snowed down here sometimes!

    PS. If I can write about the future, you should be able to too =P

  3. Snow? SNOW? That's what kept you from your afternoon class?

    Perhaps I've been in Vermont too long. It could blizzard and the only reason people won't be in class is because it makes EXCELLENT ski weather. (Of course, my school has a rather large reputation for having the ugliest population during the winter because it's so cold we don't care what we look like...)