Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Today I...

-Confiscated my own shampoo from the bathroom, because it turns out my douchebag flatmate's been excessively using it just because he can't be bothered to go out and buy his own (THIS IS A GREAT START TO THIS ENTRY xD)

-Had some thoughts about the shocking parallels between my real flatmate and Jack...

-Made labiodental and palatal noises in my Linguistics lecture, that made the whole class sound less like students of Edinburgh Uni and more like "Special Needs"...

-Made a relatively important video about an issue with David Tennant that's going on right now (see it here)

-Had a fun text exchange with Tennant's niece (the person I've been discussing the whole issue at hand with)

-Missed my girlfriend. Like, a lot. Doesn't help that she's in Singapore right now and so no can has MSN :(

-Designed a sexy new video page banner for myself, I liek it muchly ^_^

-Spent almost £50 on food and things, and had a great time trying to carry it home. Hid the toilet paper from my flatmate because he goes through four rolls in a week >_>

-ONLY HAD A SKYPE CONVO WITH IVANTALKS! He's a YouTuber from last year who started out roughly the same time as me; we were friends until he got hacked and disappeared, but it was lovely to catch up!

-Remembered why Ginger Chris is my all-time favourite.


  1. YAY! I'm extremely excited about your daily blog!!!!!
    You're a pretty cool cat! lol. Oh yeah and your hilarious! Most of my friends think I'm nuts because I watch your videos and read your blogs all the time. See I'm from Boston and most people here don't care about anything thats not from or in Boston including people! They're all a little crazy! Well I wish you look on your next adventure. Oh and thanks for existing!!! lol peace

  2. I can has skype convo?

  3. I love that you're blogging like normal on your other blog.

    Your room mate sounds like a dick.

  4. Is this what I have to look forward to in two years' time? Hiding loo-roll from people?

    Curious to know the parallels between 'Jack' and the unnamed flatmate, who incidentally sounds like a complete arse.

  5. hi liam,

    what does this mean

    "Doesn't help that she's in Singapore right now and so no can has MSN :("

    btw, im from singapore! =)