Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Today I...

-Realised I'm gonna have another essay crunch in the next two or three weeks: Something due in from every class, as well as a test in two weeks!

-Had a phone conversation with Alex in my lecture theatre while he waited on his delayed plane.

-Got my exam result back from Social Anthropology: passed ^_^

-Watched happily as "David Tennant On The Internet" made its way across several websites :)

-Recieved a thank-you message from David saying to "let him know if he can return the favour". I will NOT be exploiting this, I'm sure it was just politeness. xD

-Had a LOT of Skype conversations.

-Arranged with one of my better flatmates to work together, to sort out all the recycling that has been piling up for months.

-Made Todd a new video banner in about 5 mins

-Watched Coronation Street (don't judge me), and noticed that every time they cast a Scot, he ends up being a psycho villain...

-Had a brief message exchange with another YouTuber who lives in Edinburgh called Magnus- meeting him for coffee some point next week! *I also made him a banner xD*

Alan-esque Skype convo of the day:

Chris says: get married kay?
Liam Radge says: eventually...
Chris says: NOW
Chris says: FOREVER
Liam Radge says: FINE
Chris says: good
Chris says: yay
Chris says: wedding
Chris says: am I invited?
Liam Radge says: obviously
Chris says: sick
Liam Radge says: you're the Maid Of Honour
Chris says: FUCK YES
Chris says: I have honour coming out the wazzu


  1. You dont strike me as the type of person to exploit anyone.... but I dont know you personally *LOL* But again just from this and that you seem like a good kid

    (i'm 26 I can call you a kid) just FYI *G*

    Now uhm....get to studying!

  2. Lol, I thought you might say "Well, if you could get me over to Australia anytime soon..." xD

  3. I did nay give you permission to put that in your blog. I am very angry with you mister Radge ... although it is a pretty cool convo :)

  4. Everyone should be doing this, I love it.

  5. What's worse about the evil scot in Corrie is that he's a rubbish actor.

  6. corrie? CORRIE?
    lol i used to watch eastenders, coz im cool :)

  7. "noticed that every time they cast a Scot, he ends up being a psycho villain..."

    That made me think: Have you heard of a band called The Twilight Sad? The guy has a really thick Scottish accent and the song "Talking With Fireworks/Here It Never Snows" is quite villanous, I think.


  8. scots are cast as psycho killers, doctors (stargate ATL) or, they run around screaming "captain! the engines canno take anymare!"