Thursday, 5 February 2009


Today I:

-Saw a guy in the street while walking to my lecture, with long blonde hair over his face and wearing one of these except more green. He looked like Link IRL xD

-Left my Linguistics tutorial slightly early because of a fire alarm. Watched as new arrivals decided to go into the building for their lecture regardless o_0

-Was asked to replicate the pronunciation of a word in a Northern English accent in my English tutorial, but instead accidentally blurted out something that sounded more like a perverted version of how Tom sounds...

-OMG'd at how well the new video seems to be doing :D

-Got frustrated with a hater who, following from a reply on Stephen's featured video continuously demands "how a webpage (read: YouTube) can change your life/have an impact", and just brushes off all the examples I give as "fake". wtf?? Why ask if you're just gonna refuse the answer? >:/

-Made a ham and cheese bagel for lunch, for about the third day in a row xD

-^_^'d at the better flatmate- she made apple pie for us!

-Felt happy because I got my holiday request granted for the weekend of Mhazz's birthday, in the middle of the Six Nations!*

-Felt gutted because I had to turn down Ginger Chris' wonderfully smile-inducing invite to Pub Thursday with the Glaswegian crowd, because...

-Went to a workmate's 21st birthday, drank quite a bit but apparently not enough, and just felt a little awkward. Had a good time, but kinda would've preferred Glasgow, in retrospect..

*The Six Nations is a rugby tournament for six different countries' teams. Obviously this is a very busy time for pubs...


  1. Well, at least you know you can hold your liquor?

  2. Can I just say, I'm really enjoying the Daily Liam? 'Cause I am. :D

  3. What is it with Fire Alarms lately? I had to stand outsite for half an hour at 3:30 this morning in 8 degree F (-13 degrees C) weather because some idiot left a bag of noodles sitting on a hot plate that was switched on.