Monday, 9 February 2009


Today I:

-Woke up in time for class, but physically could not move due to physical exhaustion from working all weekend :S

-Missed my morning lectures as a result- instead slept and woke up refreshed, but annoyed.

-Sorted out a bit of the recycling and tidied the kitchen with my better flatmate, in preparation for the Landlady of Death's visit tomorrow.

-Had a chat with better flatmate about shit flatmate. Agreed that, basically, he's shit.

-Made my FourGuysAndMhazz video, in which I feature some of my friends and Min via Skype, draw a giraffe, and neglect Dave's birthday because I'm a massive tool.

-Made it to my 4pm lecture- and shouldn't have bothered. It was some woman in Social Anthropology blatantly dictating a textbook in front of her...

-Rapidly went from lecture theatre to newsagent (for milk), to kebab shop (for dinner), to my flat (to upload the video/change), to my pub, in a rather hectic hour.

-Did a 6-10 shift at work, cleaning out the cellar after the weekend x.x

-Nicked some spare rubber bar mats to put under the dirty dishes in my flat (courtesy of shit flatmate) :P

-Made a half-arsed attempt at cleaning the bathroom for the Landlady of Death- I'll just make a point of not being in when she shows up...

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