Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Today I:

-Woke up at a decent time! =D

-Decided that, following the coarseness of the language in my previous post (it just seems so "blokeish") that this entry would be slightly more eloquent in its wording.

-Attended my one lecture for the day, which shot by in a flurry of phonetic sounds that were frightfully similar; This caused me to be apprehensive of next week's test, in which I must identify the differing phonemes...

-Spent some of my tips from all my hard work over the past week on some things to keep me more organised- folders, notebooks and the like.

-Sat in the University library for several hours, downloading reading material, lecture notes and sound files for upcoming pieces of work.

-In a combination of graphic work, music mixing and video editing, I finally made the new Vloglovers intro; 13 seconds long, but it's some of my best work yet. ^_^

-Came home to discover that the Landlady of Death had brought an electrician to fix ALL the faulty lights! Even the mysterious one in the shower! :D She's not so bad..

-Eventually noticed in the kitchen that the electrician had just ripped out the halogen lights to replace them with a tube light, and now we have holes in our kitchen ceiling. xD

-Burnt my pizza (what am I supposed to do, I'm a student!), but fixed it with the aid of barbeque sauce (by "fixed" I mean "made it more edible"...)

-Filled in that "25 Fact" tag game that's going around Facebook (has it reached YOU yet?)


  1. BBQ sauce on Pizza?..... now that is a concept.

    Try Ranch... I got hooked eating it on pizza when I was in Elementary school.

  2. I got tagged in the 25 Things note-tag-game the other day, and it took me ages to realise what it was I had to do. >.<

  3. o.o i havent been tagged.
    ah well,

    cant wait till vloglovers to start.

  4. oh yes... got tagged... decided it'd be more fun on my blog... longest blog post i ever did, and mine are usually quite long...

    though on a side note... bbq sauce on pizza usually goes really well with chicken on top too...