Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Today I:

-Had my 9am Anthropology tutorial -_- Who can think coherently at that hour? We were discussing Culture and Science, and I rambled on about Pilocrates and Christian Dark Ages...

-Finally figured out the name of a person I've been chatting to in both my Linguistics and English lectures since the beginning of the year... xD

-Panicked about the amount of work I have to do in the next couple of weeks..

-Recieved my Durhamology diploma ^_^

-Cleared out the inbox of my (pretty much unused) AOL Email inbox... I haven't deleted a message since the beginning of July and so let it accumulate to over 11,000 messages...

-Amused my girlfriend with nerdy Valentine's stuff <3

-Tried to make pasta in a really small pot (since shit flatmate won't wash the big one after him and I'm not cracking), but it just came out looking like brains x.x

-Went to work from 7-closing time, for my last shift until next Friday. Too many staff meant that final cleanup took 15 mins :D

-Had to cut off wasted people from drinking too much in the bar, to which their response was "Huurrrr derrp fuckyoouuu". They were removed from the premises shortly afterwards..

-Almost forgot to write this (hence after 3am). I've been doing it daily for a week and a half, it's not routine yet? :/


  1. oooh... I would be totally up for a 9am anthro tutorial... but i'm a nut-case anthro major...

  2. I have issues getting up for a 1:30pm sociology class.... 9am is EVIL!

    Then again I commute almost 2 hours round trip each day, or well at least 3 days a week now, people can get pretty dumb.

    Your a brave soul. 9am Anthro....blah!

  3. 9am? I have to be in lessons at ten minutes to nine on Mondays-Wednesdays. And I still manage to be late, despite living in the next road along from my college. xD

  4. yuck. early classes are terrible.

    you know, if you cook the pasta half at a time, it's significantly less brain like. just some cooking advice from a chick!