Sunday, 15 February 2009


On Friday-Monday I:

-Spent half a day battling with a suddenly slowed-down Movie Maker, to edit the first Vloglovers video.

-Had a message exchange with an old neighbour who's looking for a new flatmate next year.. YES PICK ME PLZKTHX

-Headed into Glasgow via bus with Tom, where we met Jomma, Mhazz and Sinead (formerly lolsinblows), and headed off to get the party started (ooh dear >_<) at Mhazz's, where we were eventually joined by Ginger Chris.

-Fell asleep on a couch in the middle of the party xD (actually, the party was pretty much at its end, but it was a busy room :P)

-Woke up to the words "McDonald's Breakfast", "FUUCKKK YOOOOUUUU" and other choice phrases...

-Hung out in Glasgow on Saturday, made a video in John's flat, went back to Mhazz's and did a BlogTV show 'til late :)

-Got my hair cut by Mhazz on Sunday :O

-Filmed some skit material with Tom today before he headed off home..

-Ate a cake with no hands, questioned Todd's existence and sang in Italian in my FourGuysAndMhazz video.

-Decided to go for an "early night" because I have a looottt of uni work to deal with tomorrow, as well as my first proper Vloglovers video, and a reunion with my old flatmates...


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! =D
    Good luck for tomorrow and I want to see that vloglovers video!

  2. Busy Boy.

    When do you sleep?

  3. what is it you are studying in school? i'm in the U.S. studying animation and illustration:)