Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Today I:

-Forgot to set an alarm the night before, and thus slept in :S

-Filmed, edited and posted my first individual vloglovers video

-Established an outro for the video in the editing process, which Min and I quite like :)

-Got my new freakin' awesome t-shirt in the post from TshirtHell- see it here

-Felt under the impression that the shit flatmate is hiding from the rest of us...

-Went out for a big reuniting night out with my old flatmate Derek/old next-door neighbours, for Derek's 21st <33

-Mixed lots of different types of alcohol, and again didn't feel the expected effects. Weird.

-Met my workmates in the middle of another birthday event that I was supposed to be at xD

-Accompanied all the workmates and our party to the same club.

-Arrived home after everything closed, still in a coherent enough state to post this :)


  1. incredible. maybe someone just made you some shitty drinks:/ hope u had fun tho. I've got some nice whiskey here myself:)

  2. There's not always somethign to comment these with, but just wanted to let you know, I'm reading every day. =)