Thursday, 19 February 2009


Today I:

-Woke up (yes all my entries do seem to start like this xD) feeling slightly unexplainably ill, possibly through tiredness... felt better eventually, though :)

-Almost didn't go to lecture because of teh ill... glad I did though, they were doing a practice version of the Ear Training part of tomorrow's Linguistics test.

-Went to the shop after the lecture, bought some supplies and went STRAIGHT TO THE LIBRARY

-Spent over 5 hours in the library (possibly a record for me since the days when my laptop was broken :P), and pretty much stayed off the social side of the Internet (to an extent).

-^_^'d uncontrollably at how personal Min was in her first VL video*.

-Had an iced mocha; the only nice thing was the aftertaste. Otherwise, it was pretty much just cold coffee Dx

-Bought Greg Holden's album from iTunes, to listen to while I worked... then remembered my work involved listening to the dulcet tones of Glaswegian undergraduates :P

-Took care of the rest of those awful transcriptions from yesterday. Now to draw them up and write under 1500 words about them...

-Dug up reading materials for the other two essays I have to write this week x.x

-Spent the evening reading up on Ear Training and Instrumental Phonetics, and calling it an "early night" for the test. Wish me luck!

*Yes, I know, you're sick of hearing me go on and on about Vloglovers. Am I going to stop? No. :)


  1. by the by, my computer isnt letting me watch vloglovers videos.
    I can watch any other video but vloglovers and the lovehatesociety videos freeze up and restart my computer.
    is it my interweb...or is it youtube? 0.0