Friday, 20 February 2009


Today I:

-Woke up at 9.55am, due to my phone randomly switching itself off in the middle of the night, thus no alarm. The test was at 10am. (INSERT WILHELM SCREAM HERE)

-Threw on some clothes and RANRANRAN to the lecture theatre; turning up sporting the World's Most Epic Bedhead, out of breath, practically about to have a heart attack and MARGINALLY ON TIME

-Sat the test. It went okay, I think..

-Went home to sort out the bedhead, and decided against crashing back into bed for a "well deserved" nap.. since I probably didn't deserve it xD

-Had an unexpected [read: AWESOME] MSN conversation with an old high school friend, Cleo, who I haven't spoken to in a looooong time! ^_^

-Got a karaoke version of "Geeks In Love" from Tom, after he downloaded all of Lemon Demon's discography. It's awesome, now I just need to find something to use it in :)

-Made pasta and meatballs for dinner, it looked (and tasted) pretty damn unattractive..

-Got a call halfway through my dinner from an irate boss, who wanted to know why I wasn't at work. Hmm, Ionno, probably due to the fact that you've changed the time I was supposed to start at without telling me? -_-

-Went to the bathroom before work to find spilled water and Gillette all over the floor, as well as hair all over the sink. Shit flatmate apparently had been shaving. He now has a name, it is Lewis Hendry. Please find him and end him.

-Worked a typical Friday night shift. Friday night is basically Asshole Night, it's when all the people with terrible attitudes/social skills decide they want to get drunk and take the frustrations from their rubbish minimum wage jobs out on unsuspecting bar staff. You can tell I feel quite strongly about this :P


  1. I swear I'm not shit flatmate!


  2. He really is a shit flatmate.
    Hendry is the loser version of the name.
    I'm a real Henry!
    I even have a hoover named after my surname.

  3. some advice on cookin hun,

    use hot water in your pot along with some light olive oil, not to much and just a little bit of butter, it keeps things flavorful.

    If your not sure if your spagetti is done take out a noddle and throw it on a cabnet if it falls it's done, if it sticks it's not and use a fork it'll help keep things from sticking.

    Cooking is just a time learning thing, wait till you try tator tot casserole

  4. Kudos for referencing Wilhelm scream.

    That day sounded kind of miserable overall. I hope your weekend is better! lol.

  5. After reading this blog for a while, I sometimes subconsciously write a "Today I..." list in my head. It's quite strange XD.
    And your cooking will get better, brother. Try a cookbook maybe?

  6. I know you're incredibly busy, but this is turning into Monthlyradge.