Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Today I:

-Slept until 1pm. OH GOD I've needed a lie-in like that for so long ^_^

-Wasted the afternoon (again, ^_^)

-Went out to a pub quiz at the workplace with some staffmates. We didn't win :P

-Drew the O RLY Owl on a scrap of paper at the quiz, and one of my teammates got the reference. Win!

-Headed out to a club with obscenely cheap drinks....

-Came home after the end of it all and drunk-Dailyboothed. Thankfully you can't really tell xD

Monday, 30 March 2009


This weekend I:

-tried to avoid additional internet tiems (like YouTube, blog entries etc) to focus time on my Linguistics assignment. Didn't do too great xD

-Spent a lot of time sitting at my desk, feeling uninspired and trying to figure out what the hell was actually expected from me..

-Worked both Friday and Saturday night. Came up with some more ideas for a bartender video, and established that footbal fans are much, MUCH worse than rugby fans. Are they even people?

-Had a training session at work that basically involved getting paid for three hours of being told stuff I already knew :P

-Internally waved bye-bye and danced inside when I realised the shit flatmate has gone home for the holiday :DDD

-Didn't go to the Doctor Who exhibition when I was supposed to, even though I had a ticket booked by my parents for Christmas :( It's okay, I had work to do and nobody to go with anyway; I've got another ticket for the date of the gathering :D

-Pulled the classic all-nighter move to finish off the Linguistics write-up; If I ever have to hear anything about variables of -ing in Lancashire English again, I'll die.

-Handed it in with 6 hours of my extension to spare!

-Spent the rest of the day napping, making drinking plans with some friends and generally not doing much else. I'm free ^_^

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Today I:

-Got my Anthropology essay mark- Passed, get in!!

-Watched as Team Awesome's speaker wiped the floor with the other tutorial groups, in today's Linguistics presentations! xD

-Learned that the NTAs are being put on hold until possibly early next year due to ITV being made of fail.. Not really sure where that puts me :S

-Did some epic cleanage of my flat, it's really been needing it and now that the better flatmate's gone home for three weeks, I'm kind of defending my corner alone...

-Discovered that a girl in my tutorial (Team Awesome) whom I've been working with almost every day for the past 5 weeks, is a YouTuber! She knows all the Shetlands crowd, is a Nerdfighter, and has been subscribed to me this whole time, and yet never brought it up! She might read this- HAI CARA

-Got a text from Min about Darling Harbour and had a sad. I wanna go back :(

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Today I:

-Slept in because for the first weekday in aaages, I've had no 10am class, woohoo!

-Watched Heroes while eating breakfast- I am now all caught up :)

-Sellotaped Barney to a wall. I don't have to explain this further.

-Recorded a fairly decent vloglovers video. Recorded.

-Had to deal with the Landlady from Hell, who I didn't know was coming because she can't get my email address right (and blamed me). As soon as she walked in, the day went bad- The sun went behind a cloud, Barney fell off the wall (lol), I found out I couldn't bail out of my contract to move into my new flat right away (and she wasn't happy about me wanting to go :P), and to top it all off, Lappy decided to mysteriously lose the video files. RERECORD FTL

-Sat stewing in anger in my room while Landlady from Hell pottered about the flat making stupid remarks in her uber-snooty voice -_-

-Eventually rerecorded, edited and uploaded the vloglovers video xD

-Watched Robot Chicken for the first time in ages before falling asleep in "preparation" for the 9am class :P

Monday, 23 March 2009


Today I:

-Was in the same classroom for over THREE HOURS doing Linguistics work, which obviously meant that some of us missed English. It was the Lecturer of Death, so no great loss..

-Bought Quantum Of Solace on DVD along with my shopping- Tesco are selling it for three days at seven pounds! Awesome deal.

-Learned most of the chorus of Kiss The Girl on harmonica. Yes this is me being productive xD

-Planned on recording some videos a little early. Didn't.

-Ignored a call from an anonymous number twice (don't really pick up on withheld numbers), only to answer the third time and have nobody on the other end... Odd.

-Finally went to a Social Anthropology lecture (after busytimes last week meant I had to miss 'em). I wish I hadn't bothered >_>

-Watched a documentary on Yellowstone Park with the better flatmate. We lol'd at the narrator and the people obsessed with geysers xD

-Spent the rest of the night eating loads and catching up on Heroes... Ahh, finally, a night to myself ^_^

Sunday, 22 March 2009


This weekend I:

-Got my new glasses! Even though they're for long distance, I can't take them off XD

-Worked. A lot. Long Friday Night shift followed by 12-10 on Saturday (which was the Six Nations final) meant that by the end I was EXHAUSTED and also hadn't done much worthy of daily entries :P

-Spoke to Min after coming back from work.. It was nice, there was a real "Honey I'm home" aspect to it ^_^ (plz don't hate my cheesiness)

-Had a chat with Maddie, David Tennant's niece (we've become a bit pally since this thing), which basically resulted in something big. More info at the end of the entry, and yes, dear faithful DailyRadgians, you are the first to know <3

-Had an awkward Sunday morning trying to catch multiple trains to the homeland to visit Mum, since today is teh Mothering Sunday, and fought to take passport photos while looking like shite, and not meeting passport compliancy and BLARGH.

-GOT HOME to add to the tidal wave of affection upon which Mama was surfing (wow. that's surreal... I should be in bed).

-Filled out a waaay overcomplicated form for a new passport (I've lost mine -_-)

-Went back to the flat to search for the old one- it's maroon, chipped and has a picture of an awkward teen that looks like Richard Hammond in it. If you have seen it please inform me asap.

ANYWAY. I'm breaking the normal format of these entries to tell you lot this thingy- I don't want to make it overly public -yet-, hence no mentions in video or on the other blog (which is dying a death these days... anyway), so I feel that you guys, the readers of this blog, the elite etc, have more of a 'right' to know. :P

Baaaasically, the story's a short one, but the video I made to spread the message of David T's fraud problem, to help out him and his representatives (including Maddie) did go pretty far and wide- even catching the attention of the Doctor Who News on the BBC website (I wasn't mentioned by this point, if I was even responsible, but it was never about me anyway :P).
And, as such, for helping to get the message out on such a scale, David and Maddie decided that they wanted to thank me somehow..

..."Somehow" means inviting me to come with them to the National Television Awards this year.


It's in October. I'll try to avoid continuous overexcitement until then :P

Still... OMG!


Friday, 20 March 2009


Today I:

-Did battle with the French male Lecturer of Death again- and lost. Hard.

-Had lunch in the student union, which was a refreshing change from running to the flat and back between classes

-Flew through the charity shops of Edinburgh searching for a pinstripe suit.. YES WE ALL KNOW WHY -_- Ended up spending birthday money on a new one (I've been needing a new suit anyway)..

-Went to make a deposit in my new account and learned that I'm supposed to get a whole bunch of extra stuff, like a credit card etc. I never really wanted a credit card, but still- Win!

-Went to the party, wowed everyone with my blindingly spectacular costume (:P) And ran into a girl dressed as a Cyberman, good times xD

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Today I:

-Slept through morning class as an after-effect of what went down last night (you watched my video, you know what happened :P)

-Wrote a really apologetic grovelly email to my tutor as a result..

-Filmed my Vloglovers video while still quite tired... in the footage that wasn't put in the final video, it shows xD

-Went for a walk through the city, it was unbelieveably sunny and WARM, what is up with that?!

-Bought a pair of fake glasses and a tie, for a costume party tomorrow night... It's a sci-fi theme, no prizes for guessing what I went with -_-

-Actually did some uni work, ahmagad! It literally wasn't much, just something I had to do for Team Awesome, but still... I did work! xD

-Played the ROMs that I got from my friend when I was at his house: Aladdin for the Sega Megadrive on PC? YES PLZ <3

-Finally decided to get caught up on Heroes, only to find that Megavideo are monopolising... Cutting the video out minutes before the end, only to tell me to pay for a Premium Account? Yeah no.

Monday, 16 March 2009


Today I:

-Sat in my Linguistics tutorial with a bacon roll that had been part of a breakfast tray earlier on, which me and my classmates raided. xD

-Risked the Lecturer of Death in English, only to find we don't have her this week- Instead, a man who is basically a male French version of the Lecturer of Death, multiplied by more Death. And France. >_<

-Caught up with Min, since our time was short at the weekend, due to all the work/sleep :P

-Got ready to head out for my 4pm lecture, only to be called by a friend who I haven't seen in ages! Had a big long chat and kinda didn't make the lecture :P

-Went over to aforementioned friend's house later, just to hang out and catch up; ended up being there for over six hours drinking, playing REALLY OLD computer games and watching Jackass. Fun times ^_^

Sunday, 15 March 2009


Today I:

-SLEPT. I had a lot to catch up on after the 11 hours of torture at work the day before (all of which was spent shifting large boxes through solid masses of drunk people; who needs a gym membership?)

-Took the train to my parents' house (not straight there, they don't, y'know, live in a train station... sorry, it's late and I'm tired, I'm allowed to not think straight).

-Discussed uni with the family again- basically, I'm reconsidering my course, but I'll elaborate on this in a proper post in my other blog... later.

-Was visited by some of my family from Ireland who were here for the rugby :)

- Had a catch-up session with my cousin Niall, whom I calculated that I haven't seen in almost two and a half years...!

-Did some uni work on the train home, and considered writing a letter of complaint to whoever designed the game "Solitaire" on Windows Vista... I moved ONE CARD, and it was all like "No more moves available >:|". Rawr, I hate electronically-generated cheaters...

SKYPE CONVO OF THE DAY (since I actually had one :P)
Liam Radge: I am currently halfway through the first verse of Mrs Nerimon for the first time, and am now demanding an MP3. Hope you're cool with this.
Kristina Horner: LOL
Kristina Horner: okay <3
Kristina Horner: *sends*
Liam Radge: Aww yay! Totally didn't expect that to work xD
Kristina Horner: Hahahaha
Kristina Horner: Aw of course I'll send it to you. :]
Liam Radge: ^_^ thanks, I heart this on a massive scale
Kristina Horner: Yay!
Kristina Horner: It took.... a long time.
Liam Radge: SO worth it, though
Kristina Horner: I know <3
Liam Radge: OMG
Liam Radge: Monday, wednesday, wonday we'll be together!!
Liam Radge: *gives all internets*
Kristina Horner: I wont even deny it - I am BRILLIANT.
Kristina Horner: That was the first lyric idea I came up with
Liam Radge: I won't even deny it, I'm fanboying.

Friday, 13 March 2009


Today I:

-Woke up eeaaarrlyyyy >_<

-Ran around a succession of cash machines trying to guess the new PIN number (for my new student account) that got sent to me under a scratchpad that turned out to be really faint... I SUCCEEDED :D

-Spent the morning trying to write my entry from the day before, that I'd forgotten to do because I was up late Skyping Min (yay, something that happened! :P)

-Had an eye test, finally- apparently no real changes since I lost my glasses in August, but I did have to get a new pair... picked a nice Jasper Conran pair that look like my old ones, hooray for 30% student discount ^_^

-Learned that I PASSED that Linguistics test that I nearly missed, with 66.67%!!

-Started watching Comic Relief, and dodged all the remarks of me presenting it.... -_-

-Had to go to work and deal with half the population of Ireland all night, because of the upcoming Six Nations Scotland v Ireland match... discovered that the sterotypes of Irish people being awesome drinkers, is pretty much a lie, at least if you're bar staff...

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Today I:

-Survived my horriby tedious English lecture by writing "notes" with the people sitting beside me :P

-CLEANED THE NEGLECTED FLAT!! Well, some of it. You can never see how much dust the stairs accumulate until you're vacuuming it up xD

-Posted an entry on my original blog, for the first time in ages!

-Messaged Rich, from the Red Nose Day YouTube channel, thanking him for favouriting our videos and taking a notice :)

-Planned to go home. Failed.

-Called one of my old friends from high scool for a nice-catchup chat ^_^

-Met my old flatmate, Derek (he wasn't shit), and we went to go see "Watchmen".

-Bought a ticket for "The Unborn" and snuck into the Watchmen screen, since Derek bought the last available ticket >_<

-THOROUGHLY ENJOYED the film. John Cox's review was spot on :)

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Today I:

-Lost the first half of the day through nothing at all, what's that all about?

-Recorded Vloglovers from somewhere different :P This isn't a huge deal, just wanted to link the video in an interesting and ominous manner...

-Edited the video on the train to Glasgow :D

-Made my own way from the city centre to Mhazz's house all by myself, well proud... well, I met her little brother on the underground, but still.. would totally have managed xD

-Hung out/caught up/had lulz with Alex in Mhazz's house while we waited for her to make her CDs, one of which I got later. ^_^

-Encountered JEANETTE BYRNE at the gig venue...

-Thoroughly enjoyed Mhazz's performance, she was well good innit :)

-Went with everybody to a bar called Driftwood... I had to leave earlyish though, to get my train home; uni in the morning, couldn't crash over :(

-Contemplated going fashionably late to the birthday party that my potential new flatmates were throwing at their place, but just felt too tired... Night <3

Monday, 9 March 2009


Today I:

-Was late for class because the shit flatmate was in the bathroom for FORTY MINUTES.

-Had a reatively enjoyable class nonetheless; found out Team Awesome are ahead of every other tutorial group xD Also there was breakfasty stuff in the building, which rescued me from starvation induced by shit flatmate (I'm not bitter, I swear)

-Bought multivitamins, the first step to being a tiny bit healthier :P

-Finally got off my ass and went to both the bank and the opticians' to sort out long-standing srs biznis- I now have a new account PIN on the way and another eye test booked for Friday :D

-Looked amongst the range of glasses now available in Specsavers only to find that my old ones, or any similar, don't exist :( Saw some that looked very VlogBrothers-esque, though- tempting...

-Worked an exceptionally boring Monday shift, that was brightened slightly by the banter of two gentlemen who became steadily more and more drunk as the night went on (which should be expected :P)

Sunday, 8 March 2009


Today I:

-Made a note to myself to STOP RANDOMLY MISSING DAYS on this thing :P

-Woke up to brightness, went for a shower and came back out to horrible grey sky and snow then got some breakfast, only for the sky to clear up completely in that time.

-Made a new channel design for my friend Rohan, go czech it out! (Also subscribe to his channel, if you haven't already, he's really rather brilliant :P)

-Filmed my part for the FGAM Disclaimer Collab (yeah, blah blah we got you guys good xD etc)

-Finally took the rubbish out, and decided to instate the "whoever tops it off, drops it off" rule amongst my flatmates..

-Cooked sausages, successfully! I never manage to do it without a fear of food poisoning XD

-Put off my Linguistics work for aaaaages...

-Watched TopGear with the better flatmate, and wondered how I was never interested in it before, it's hilarious!

-Found an addictive website called PhotoFunia- basically you upload a picture onto one of a number of different templates, it does all the work of Photoshop for you to produce an amazing realistic image! Here's an example on my Dailyboof

-Had a nice chat with Alex about stuffs, and planned me going to see him on Tuesday while he's in Glasgow <3

Friday, 6 March 2009


Today I:

-Had an immensely crappy day and basically started a war on FGAM; Don't want to talk about it here so instead I'll discuss yesterday, which I peculiarly missed.

So, yesterday I:

-Had a Team Awesome meeting with a conspicuously hungover-looking tutor...

-Turned up to my English lecture only to discover we now have the Lecturer of Death, an awfully boring woman who almost killed me last year!

-Lunched with some people from my lecture that I don't usually hang out with, it was cool :)

-Bought a pair of black pillowcases, so that I could go home and make...

-...my TOGA, for the party I was going to at night! Really it ended up being more of a tunic,and I looked like (according to others) Braveheart/a pirate/a ninja/a gladiator/a jedi all at once XD

-Went to said party, it was celebrating three 21sts and a 28th at once, all four people being my staffmates. It was funtiems :)

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Today I:

-Went to my 9am class feeling slightly unprepared for the discussions. Bullshitted my way through debate about "indigenous knowledge", ace!

-Followed on with two more lectures, which finished in me rewarding myself with a rather quickly-drunken mocha :P

-Did my food shopping and freaked out the guy at the checkout because of how much I could cram into their tiny shopping baskets. xD

-Recorded the final vlog part of my new channel video, which I then edited and posted, and a birthday video for Rohan, all while buzzing on the speed-mocha xD

-Went into town to buy my brother's birthday present; for some bizarre reason, a six year-old wants his room redecorated for his birthday. A space theme. I bought him some of those glowin the dark stars and planets, and some glowy lights, too :P

-Finally ran into Magnulus in none other than the electronics department in John Lewis! xD Nice to finally meet, will be arranging proper meeting tiems soon :)

-Went over to my parents' house to see Robb, since it was his birthday today ^_^ Helped him build Indiana Jones Lego and play Mario Kart Wii (which is frustratingly difficult)

-Had a chat with my folks about uni, and where I'm going with things, since I've been having some misgivings... Sometimes the things they say make me remember how much I appreciate them <3

-Drafted an email on the train, then sent it to my Linguistics course organiser (who already hates me xD) about an extension on the next flipping assignment. They just keep coming...

-Watched a fight outside a club on my way home from the train station. Ah, Edinburgh xD

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Today I:

-Got up, on time. HAHA, you were expecting some strange wake-up method, weren't you? :P

-Arrived at my (recently temporarily relocated) classroom, only to discover it was double-booked. We totally hijacked the one next door xD

-Spent half the tutorial rounding up the other group members (by the way, If I ever mention Team Awesome in this blog, I'm referring to my Linguistics tutorial. Not the best group to don the name, but meh), and the other half listening to recordings of mundane conversations, trying to find variations of the suffix "-ing". -_-

-Spent HOURS trying to split up the vloglovers questions with Min; we kept getting distracted XD

-Filmed the video just as the sun was going down, so there are a lot of lighting continuity errors again!

-Realised mid sentence that the camera had stopped; I'd been filming for half an hour straight, and with this video especially I had a lot of awkward pauses and silences, therefore my camera ran out of memory >_<

-Eventually got the Question Tuesday video uploaded, 10 minutes before the end of Tuesday..

-Had a nice email exchange with Alex ^_^

-Took a bizarre DailyBooth picture (which reminds me, if you're not following me yet, sort it out!)

-Discovered that Heroes Season Four has already started- and I knew NOTHING about it! D:

Monday, 2 March 2009


Today I:

-Forgot to set an alarm and, as an after-effect of the previous night's editing marathon, slept in.

-Attempted to drink four glasses of water in 2 minutes for my FGAM challenge, roughly 40 mins after getting up... not a good idea.

-Got distracted from filming the rest of the video by a succession of MSN conversations...

-Finished off the first part of my new personal channel video, after almost throwing myself out the window in frustration at Windows Movie Maker's failures.

-Went to my Social Anthropology lecture, where the new lecturer for this part renamed his unit (Better Living through Anthropology) to "the Happiness of Anthropology" xD

-Got my weekly kebab on the way home after the lecture, because I had to fly in and out again to get to work. FGAM video not finished at this point.

-Worked from six until what I had thought was going to be 10, giving me time to finish the video and post it at night, but it turned out there was a shift mix-up and I was supposed to be in until closing. Fail x.x

-Convinced the boss to let us set up Guitar Hero in the bar when the place was empty, then watched in despair as two largeish pubcrawl groups suddenly swarmed in while I was playing. It turned out that they were all foreign students who hadn't bothered to learn English beforehand, and blatantly never went out socially back home. OH WHAT FUN

-Got home around 2am, finished editing and uploaded the FGAM video stupidly late.

-Left it to upload while I went to bed, and didn't give this entry any thought. Silly me :(

Sunday, 1 March 2009

21/2/09-1/3/09 (adsfbchs it's March D:)

This week or so I:

-Got absolutely swamped in uni work. Really, understatement of the week xD

-Properly finished those transcriptions, then fried my brain by trying to switch immediately to information about Anthropology and some Native American dude, THEN freak out about the Great Vowel Shift...

-Almost dissolved my insides with energy drinks and coffee.

-Found out that my Linguistics lectures have been replaced by compulsory tutorials for the next project >_<

-Bought some new jeans and DVDs to celebrate my completed workload!

-Redesigned my channel banner; basically just added the large image onto the background and uploaded a transparent banner to make the space; a little trick I learned from Tom :D

-Watched in awe as my girlfriend opened up about the core of our relationship on VL.

-Worked two relatively average evening shifts at work

-Slept a LOT over the weekend to compensate for the past week xD

-Made a video (featuring the return of Liam.2!) which will be uploaded Tuesday :D