Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Today I:

-Lost the first half of the day through nothing at all, what's that all about?

-Recorded Vloglovers from somewhere different :P This isn't a huge deal, just wanted to link the video in an interesting and ominous manner...

-Edited the video on the train to Glasgow :D

-Made my own way from the city centre to Mhazz's house all by myself, well proud... well, I met her little brother on the underground, but still.. would totally have managed xD

-Hung out/caught up/had lulz with Alex in Mhazz's house while we waited for her to make her CDs, one of which I got later. ^_^

-Encountered JEANETTE BYRNE at the gig venue...

-Thoroughly enjoyed Mhazz's performance, she was well good innit :)

-Went with everybody to a bar called Driftwood... I had to leave earlyish though, to get my train home; uni in the morning, couldn't crash over :(

-Contemplated going fashionably late to the birthday party that my potential new flatmates were throwing at their place, but just felt too tired... Night <3

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