Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Today I:

-Survived my horriby tedious English lecture by writing "notes" with the people sitting beside me :P

-CLEANED THE NEGLECTED FLAT!! Well, some of it. You can never see how much dust the stairs accumulate until you're vacuuming it up xD

-Posted an entry on my original blog, for the first time in ages!

-Messaged Rich, from the Red Nose Day YouTube channel, thanking him for favouriting our videos and taking a notice :)

-Planned to go home. Failed.

-Called one of my old friends from high scool for a nice-catchup chat ^_^

-Met my old flatmate, Derek (he wasn't shit), and we went to go see "Watchmen".

-Bought a ticket for "The Unborn" and snuck into the Watchmen screen, since Derek bought the last available ticket >_<

-THOROUGHLY ENJOYED the film. John Cox's review was spot on :)


  1. i have a weird question. all this commenting on 'the shit flatmate.'
    you live with him because...?
    i'm sure someone as charming and entertaining as yourself could drag up someone to bunk with.
    maybe someone a little more hygenically inclined??
    of course, maybe he's actually great and you're just teasing him.


  2. My living arrangements when I moved in were just "turn up and see who you're living with", since everyone I knew had made arrangements already... Basically it means I'm stuck with him until my contract is over >_<