Friday, 13 March 2009


Today I:

-Woke up eeaaarrlyyyy >_<

-Ran around a succession of cash machines trying to guess the new PIN number (for my new student account) that got sent to me under a scratchpad that turned out to be really faint... I SUCCEEDED :D

-Spent the morning trying to write my entry from the day before, that I'd forgotten to do because I was up late Skyping Min (yay, something that happened! :P)

-Had an eye test, finally- apparently no real changes since I lost my glasses in August, but I did have to get a new pair... picked a nice Jasper Conran pair that look like my old ones, hooray for 30% student discount ^_^

-Learned that I PASSED that Linguistics test that I nearly missed, with 66.67%!!

-Started watching Comic Relief, and dodged all the remarks of me presenting it.... -_-

-Had to go to work and deal with half the population of Ireland all night, because of the upcoming Six Nations Scotland v Ireland match... discovered that the sterotypes of Irish people being awesome drinkers, is pretty much a lie, at least if you're bar staff...


  1. You sure do look good in a white suit!

    Sorry :p

  2. kissing Davina for a fiver? lol. ;)

    Let's see the new specs! vlogbrother-esque or doctor-esque?

    66.67% Nice Liam.