Sunday, 15 March 2009


Today I:

-SLEPT. I had a lot to catch up on after the 11 hours of torture at work the day before (all of which was spent shifting large boxes through solid masses of drunk people; who needs a gym membership?)

-Took the train to my parents' house (not straight there, they don't, y'know, live in a train station... sorry, it's late and I'm tired, I'm allowed to not think straight).

-Discussed uni with the family again- basically, I'm reconsidering my course, but I'll elaborate on this in a proper post in my other blog... later.

-Was visited by some of my family from Ireland who were here for the rugby :)

- Had a catch-up session with my cousin Niall, whom I calculated that I haven't seen in almost two and a half years...!

-Did some uni work on the train home, and considered writing a letter of complaint to whoever designed the game "Solitaire" on Windows Vista... I moved ONE CARD, and it was all like "No more moves available >:|". Rawr, I hate electronically-generated cheaters...

SKYPE CONVO OF THE DAY (since I actually had one :P)
Liam Radge: I am currently halfway through the first verse of Mrs Nerimon for the first time, and am now demanding an MP3. Hope you're cool with this.
Kristina Horner: LOL
Kristina Horner: okay <3
Kristina Horner: *sends*
Liam Radge: Aww yay! Totally didn't expect that to work xD
Kristina Horner: Hahahaha
Kristina Horner: Aw of course I'll send it to you. :]
Liam Radge: ^_^ thanks, I heart this on a massive scale
Kristina Horner: Yay!
Kristina Horner: It took.... a long time.
Liam Radge: SO worth it, though
Kristina Horner: I know <3
Liam Radge: OMG
Liam Radge: Monday, wednesday, wonday we'll be together!!
Liam Radge: *gives all internets*
Kristina Horner: I wont even deny it - I am BRILLIANT.
Kristina Horner: That was the first lyric idea I came up with
Liam Radge: I won't even deny it, I'm fanboying.


  1. adorable convo. how long do you have left of "uni" as you call it, haha. Is that a common way to refer to college where you are?

  2. How come we mere mortals can't have the mp3 then? :( I heart the song muchly. I would go so far as to say I fangirl it. Well, not quite, but it is that awesome, I think you'll agree.

  3. Awww I got in the convo of the day. <3

  4. The song is made of awesome . . . and it seems that LD relationships are a new trend. lol. Totally awesome. :) Liam started it! ;)