Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Today I:

-Slept through morning class as an after-effect of what went down last night (you watched my video, you know what happened :P)

-Wrote a really apologetic grovelly email to my tutor as a result..

-Filmed my Vloglovers video while still quite tired... in the footage that wasn't put in the final video, it shows xD

-Went for a walk through the city, it was unbelieveably sunny and WARM, what is up with that?!

-Bought a pair of fake glasses and a tie, for a costume party tomorrow night... It's a sci-fi theme, no prizes for guessing what I went with -_-

-Actually did some uni work, ahmagad! It literally wasn't much, just something I had to do for Team Awesome, but still... I did work! xD

-Played the ROMs that I got from my friend when I was at his house: Aladdin for the Sega Megadrive on PC? YES PLZ <3

-Finally decided to get caught up on Heroes, only to find that Megavideo are monopolising... Cutting the video out minutes before the end, only to tell me to pay for a Premium Account? Yeah no.

1 comment:

  1. If you're able to switch from a wired to a wireless connection (or vice versa) at will, then it is possible to get around the Megavideo time limit--switching the type of connection gives you a new IP, which is how they keep track of your video watching time.