Friday, 20 March 2009


Today I:

-Did battle with the French male Lecturer of Death again- and lost. Hard.

-Had lunch in the student union, which was a refreshing change from running to the flat and back between classes

-Flew through the charity shops of Edinburgh searching for a pinstripe suit.. YES WE ALL KNOW WHY -_- Ended up spending birthday money on a new one (I've been needing a new suit anyway)..

-Went to make a deposit in my new account and learned that I'm supposed to get a whole bunch of extra stuff, like a credit card etc. I never really wanted a credit card, but still- Win!

-Went to the party, wowed everyone with my blindingly spectacular costume (:P) And ran into a girl dressed as a Cyberman, good times xD


  1. i'm sure yr costume was great. did you take any pictures? Is it for you to find suits that fit right? my boyfriend is def. not HUGE MAN sized, which seems to be the only size of suits that they sell here in the U.S. Unless you wanna spend a shitload of money on it

  2. so... if you bought a suit with birthday money, is it your birthday suit? jk.

  3. Awww I would have paid to see the reactions of the party goers! pictures? Of the costume I mean, not the partygoers... because that would just be silly XP