Sunday, 22 March 2009


This weekend I:

-Got my new glasses! Even though they're for long distance, I can't take them off XD

-Worked. A lot. Long Friday Night shift followed by 12-10 on Saturday (which was the Six Nations final) meant that by the end I was EXHAUSTED and also hadn't done much worthy of daily entries :P

-Spoke to Min after coming back from work.. It was nice, there was a real "Honey I'm home" aspect to it ^_^ (plz don't hate my cheesiness)

-Had a chat with Maddie, David Tennant's niece (we've become a bit pally since this thing), which basically resulted in something big. More info at the end of the entry, and yes, dear faithful DailyRadgians, you are the first to know <3

-Had an awkward Sunday morning trying to catch multiple trains to the homeland to visit Mum, since today is teh Mothering Sunday, and fought to take passport photos while looking like shite, and not meeting passport compliancy and BLARGH.

-GOT HOME to add to the tidal wave of affection upon which Mama was surfing (wow. that's surreal... I should be in bed).

-Filled out a waaay overcomplicated form for a new passport (I've lost mine -_-)

-Went back to the flat to search for the old one- it's maroon, chipped and has a picture of an awkward teen that looks like Richard Hammond in it. If you have seen it please inform me asap.

ANYWAY. I'm breaking the normal format of these entries to tell you lot this thingy- I don't want to make it overly public -yet-, hence no mentions in video or on the other blog (which is dying a death these days... anyway), so I feel that you guys, the readers of this blog, the elite etc, have more of a 'right' to know. :P

Baaaasically, the story's a short one, but the video I made to spread the message of David T's fraud problem, to help out him and his representatives (including Maddie) did go pretty far and wide- even catching the attention of the Doctor Who News on the BBC website (I wasn't mentioned by this point, if I was even responsible, but it was never about me anyway :P).
And, as such, for helping to get the message out on such a scale, David and Maddie decided that they wanted to thank me somehow..

..."Somehow" means inviting me to come with them to the National Television Awards this year.


It's in October. I'll try to avoid continuous overexcitement until then :P

Still... OMG!



  1. All I can think is that the press photos from that event are going to be EPIC. I can just see the faces of the interviewers now.

  2. OMG! thats so awesome!!!!!
    seriously thats just so cool, you're really lucky liam!
    i can just picture you two standing together, both looking amazing!

  3. Haha this just ran through my head:
    "Mr. Tennant, Mr. Tennant, how long have you known about your son?"
    I hope you remember to bring your camera!

  4. That is wonderful hun!

    Good things always happen to good people.

    Have fun and make sure you tell us all about it!

  5. cool

    don't break your camera again

  6. Felt I really had to delurk and say...OMG that's amazing! Just goes to show that the general impression of him being a lovely guy is totally justified. :)

  7. oh
    that is fantastic!

  8. Omygosh!!
    I usually read your blog via reader but I have to comment!
    Congratualtions- that's brilliant news.

  9. WOW !
    thats incredibly awesome.
    goes to show that good deeds pay off =]

  10. Wow, luckylucky you. *envious* I hope it's broadcast on my birthday again. How awesome a birthday present would that be? DT and Liam Radge on the same screen. *awesome overload*

  11. OH MY GOD. That is incredible!!!!!!! Congratulations, Liam! I hope to see photos of the two of you, side-by-side. It'd be pretty much mindblowing. :P

  12. Thats amazing!! I'm so happy for you!! I remember a couple of weeks after you posted your video I read a small article about people pretending to be David Tennant on t'internet in a national newspaper. (think it was Daily Mirror....) and all I thought was LIAM'S ALREADY TOLD US ALL!! hehehe! Congrats! Hope you have fun but you'll totally start rumors like you're his illegitemate child or something lol. xx

  13. saw the new glasses while u were working on saturday. the look ace!

  14. I am so excited and happy for you. It's so great, especially when you did so much to spread the word about those creepy types. I will live vicariously through you and it will be fab.

    - Rosi

  15. kasjbghdsg. That is amazing. Oh my god. So fucking brilliant. Liam. Do you think I could be you this October? Gah, you're going to have such an incredible time.

    xx Kayley.

  16. WOW........Thats awesome! You deserve it with all your hard work. Congrads!

  17. That is absolutely amazing! Congrats!

    I hope you have a fantastic time you totally deserve it for getting the message across! :D

    Take plenty of pictures and once again congrats!!

  18. two things.
    glasses are far superior! i love them, and yes, they do make you look a bit clev-ahr.

    what a lucky guy you are! you really do deserve this, you know. even if someone just looked at how many 'you kind of look like that one guy' comments you've received, that alone'd get you knighted for sure!

    (^^) cheers from the states,

    Good on you, darlin, that's fanTastic.

    Also, the glasses are fab.

  20. OMG! You'd better have video documentation of that when it happens! That'll be SOOO amazing!

    Glasses look marvelous too, by the way.


    Me being jealous much? Just a bit. OMG... have fun!!!!!!

  22. OMG that's amazing, go you!!! I'm so happy for you!! Alex & Charlie will be jealous as hell =P But, arghh!!
    haha, I'm getting way too exited considering it's nto even me going XD I'm living vicariously(sp?) through you, yay!

  23. OMG forever! I am so insanely excited for you, even if it is months away! I wonder if he would do a quick clip with you for a vlog- good lord that would be an awesome overdose tbh.

  24. ok... my comments keep getting deleted. did I do something wrong? :(

  25. You f***ing lucky bastard!

    Wow, that's the first time I've commented on one of your entries, and look what happened!

  26. wow! That must be really exciting for you!! I'd be freaking out!