Sunday, 1 March 2009

21/2/09-1/3/09 (adsfbchs it's March D:)

This week or so I:

-Got absolutely swamped in uni work. Really, understatement of the week xD

-Properly finished those transcriptions, then fried my brain by trying to switch immediately to information about Anthropology and some Native American dude, THEN freak out about the Great Vowel Shift...

-Almost dissolved my insides with energy drinks and coffee.

-Found out that my Linguistics lectures have been replaced by compulsory tutorials for the next project >_<

-Bought some new jeans and DVDs to celebrate my completed workload!

-Redesigned my channel banner; basically just added the large image onto the background and uploaded a transparent banner to make the space; a little trick I learned from Tom :D

-Watched in awe as my girlfriend opened up about the core of our relationship on VL.

-Worked two relatively average evening shifts at work

-Slept a LOT over the weekend to compensate for the past week xD

-Made a video (featuring the return of Liam.2!) which will be uploaded Tuesday :D

1 comment:

  1. hey, what DVD's are those? saw em for a split sec, couldnt tell.

    immensely looking forward to Liam.2 returning. The original vid was really clever and creative.