Monday, 2 March 2009


Today I:

-Forgot to set an alarm and, as an after-effect of the previous night's editing marathon, slept in.

-Attempted to drink four glasses of water in 2 minutes for my FGAM challenge, roughly 40 mins after getting up... not a good idea.

-Got distracted from filming the rest of the video by a succession of MSN conversations...

-Finished off the first part of my new personal channel video, after almost throwing myself out the window in frustration at Windows Movie Maker's failures.

-Went to my Social Anthropology lecture, where the new lecturer for this part renamed his unit (Better Living through Anthropology) to "the Happiness of Anthropology" xD

-Got my weekly kebab on the way home after the lecture, because I had to fly in and out again to get to work. FGAM video not finished at this point.

-Worked from six until what I had thought was going to be 10, giving me time to finish the video and post it at night, but it turned out there was a shift mix-up and I was supposed to be in until closing. Fail x.x

-Convinced the boss to let us set up Guitar Hero in the bar when the place was empty, then watched in despair as two largeish pubcrawl groups suddenly swarmed in while I was playing. It turned out that they were all foreign students who hadn't bothered to learn English beforehand, and blatantly never went out socially back home. OH WHAT FUN

-Got home around 2am, finished editing and uploaded the FGAM video stupidly late.

-Left it to upload while I went to bed, and didn't give this entry any thought. Silly me :(


  1. Wow. That's the first time I have heard of someone wanting to throw THEMSELVES out the window when mad at WMM. Usually they just want to throw their computer. It's much more painful your way. :)

  2. you should learn After Effects. it's pretty much the best program EVER. look at and be amazed at what is possible in that program