Monday, 23 March 2009


Today I:

-Was in the same classroom for over THREE HOURS doing Linguistics work, which obviously meant that some of us missed English. It was the Lecturer of Death, so no great loss..

-Bought Quantum Of Solace on DVD along with my shopping- Tesco are selling it for three days at seven pounds! Awesome deal.

-Learned most of the chorus of Kiss The Girl on harmonica. Yes this is me being productive xD

-Planned on recording some videos a little early. Didn't.

-Ignored a call from an anonymous number twice (don't really pick up on withheld numbers), only to answer the third time and have nobody on the other end... Odd.

-Finally went to a Social Anthropology lecture (after busytimes last week meant I had to miss 'em). I wish I hadn't bothered >_>

-Watched a documentary on Yellowstone Park with the better flatmate. We lol'd at the narrator and the people obsessed with geysers xD

-Spent the rest of the night eating loads and catching up on Heroes... Ahh, finally, a night to myself ^_^

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  1. lol..geysers...lolz XD

    Too many early easter eggs make for incoherent and pointless comments =]