Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Today I:

-Slept in because for the first weekday in aaages, I've had no 10am class, woohoo!

-Watched Heroes while eating breakfast- I am now all caught up :)

-Sellotaped Barney to a wall. I don't have to explain this further.

-Recorded a fairly decent vloglovers video. Recorded.

-Had to deal with the Landlady from Hell, who I didn't know was coming because she can't get my email address right (and blamed me). As soon as she walked in, the day went bad- The sun went behind a cloud, Barney fell off the wall (lol), I found out I couldn't bail out of my contract to move into my new flat right away (and she wasn't happy about me wanting to go :P), and to top it all off, Lappy decided to mysteriously lose the video files. RERECORD FTL

-Sat stewing in anger in my room while Landlady from Hell pottered about the flat making stupid remarks in her uber-snooty voice -_-

-Eventually rerecorded, edited and uploaded the vloglovers video xD

-Watched Robot Chicken for the first time in ages before falling asleep in "preparation" for the 9am class :P

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