Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Today I:

-Got my Anthropology essay mark- Passed, get in!!

-Watched as Team Awesome's speaker wiped the floor with the other tutorial groups, in today's Linguistics presentations! xD

-Learned that the NTAs are being put on hold until possibly early next year due to ITV being made of fail.. Not really sure where that puts me :S

-Did some epic cleanage of my flat, it's really been needing it and now that the better flatmate's gone home for three weeks, I'm kind of defending my corner alone...

-Discovered that a girl in my tutorial (Team Awesome) whom I've been working with almost every day for the past 5 weeks, is a YouTuber! She knows all the Shetlands crowd, is a Nerdfighter, and has been subscribed to me this whole time, and yet never brought it up! She might read this- HAI CARA

-Got a text from Min about Darling Harbour and had a sad. I wanna go back :(

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