Monday, 30 March 2009


This weekend I:

-tried to avoid additional internet tiems (like YouTube, blog entries etc) to focus time on my Linguistics assignment. Didn't do too great xD

-Spent a lot of time sitting at my desk, feeling uninspired and trying to figure out what the hell was actually expected from me..

-Worked both Friday and Saturday night. Came up with some more ideas for a bartender video, and established that footbal fans are much, MUCH worse than rugby fans. Are they even people?

-Had a training session at work that basically involved getting paid for three hours of being told stuff I already knew :P

-Internally waved bye-bye and danced inside when I realised the shit flatmate has gone home for the holiday :DDD

-Didn't go to the Doctor Who exhibition when I was supposed to, even though I had a ticket booked by my parents for Christmas :( It's okay, I had work to do and nobody to go with anyway; I've got another ticket for the date of the gathering :D

-Pulled the classic all-nighter move to finish off the Linguistics write-up; If I ever have to hear anything about variables of -ing in Lancashire English again, I'll die.

-Handed it in with 6 hours of my extension to spare!

-Spent the rest of the day napping, making drinking plans with some friends and generally not doing much else. I'm free ^_^

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  1. What time is your ticket for on the 18th btw?