Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Today I:

-Went to my 9am class feeling slightly unprepared for the discussions. Bullshitted my way through debate about "indigenous knowledge", ace!

-Followed on with two more lectures, which finished in me rewarding myself with a rather quickly-drunken mocha :P

-Did my food shopping and freaked out the guy at the checkout because of how much I could cram into their tiny shopping baskets. xD

-Recorded the final vlog part of my new channel video, which I then edited and posted, and a birthday video for Rohan, all while buzzing on the speed-mocha xD

-Went into town to buy my brother's birthday present; for some bizarre reason, a six year-old wants his room redecorated for his birthday. A space theme. I bought him some of those glowin the dark stars and planets, and some glowy lights, too :P

-Finally ran into Magnulus in none other than the electronics department in John Lewis! xD Nice to finally meet, will be arranging proper meeting tiems soon :)

-Went over to my parents' house to see Robb, since it was his birthday today ^_^ Helped him build Indiana Jones Lego and play Mario Kart Wii (which is frustratingly difficult)

-Had a chat with my folks about uni, and where I'm going with things, since I've been having some misgivings... Sometimes the things they say make me remember how much I appreciate them <3

-Drafted an email on the train, then sent it to my Linguistics course organiser (who already hates me xD) about an extension on the next flipping assignment. They just keep coming...

-Watched a fight outside a club on my way home from the train station. Ah, Edinburgh xD


    Like, painfully bad.

    I am here for you, Liam. <3 hahaha.

  2. I suck at Mario Kart and Mario Galaxy, my girlfriend is better.

    Boy do you ever just stop? You need a personal day I think.