Sunday, 8 March 2009


Today I:

-Made a note to myself to STOP RANDOMLY MISSING DAYS on this thing :P

-Woke up to brightness, went for a shower and came back out to horrible grey sky and snow then got some breakfast, only for the sky to clear up completely in that time.

-Made a new channel design for my friend Rohan, go czech it out! (Also subscribe to his channel, if you haven't already, he's really rather brilliant :P)

-Filmed my part for the FGAM Disclaimer Collab (yeah, blah blah we got you guys good xD etc)

-Finally took the rubbish out, and decided to instate the "whoever tops it off, drops it off" rule amongst my flatmates..

-Cooked sausages, successfully! I never manage to do it without a fear of food poisoning XD

-Put off my Linguistics work for aaaaages...

-Watched TopGear with the better flatmate, and wondered how I was never interested in it before, it's hilarious!

-Found an addictive website called PhotoFunia- basically you upload a picture onto one of a number of different templates, it does all the work of Photoshop for you to produce an amazing realistic image! Here's an example on my Dailyboof

-Had a nice chat with Alex about stuffs, and planned me going to see him on Tuesday while he's in Glasgow <3

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