Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Today I:

-Woke up to find YouTube UPSIDE DOWN ahmagad!

-Played my own April Fools' joke on vloglovers with the help of Alex :)

-Decided not to do Vlog Every Day April- I have few good video ideas during April while I have an empty flat, plus I have this every day. I might blog on my other page, but what to talk about?

-Went to the pub in the afternoon with Team Awesome to celebrate the end of Linguistics... and found out from my tutor that "nobody failed", meaning I passed! :DD

-Met some of my old friends in the evening, and we went to see "Duplicity"... Wasn't really sure what to expect when going in to see it, but it was pretty entertaining.

-Went out for some drinks with the friends, and got home earlier than the night before... but still, I'm worried now that publicising this makes me a bad influence :P DON'T DO DRUNK KIDS

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