Saturday, 4 April 2009


Breaking away from the usual format for a bit, just to apologise for the lack of updatage from this blog over the past couple of days. It seems that while everybody else decides to blog/vlog every day during April, I've unintentionally decided to just stop all daily antics (that is of course, except DailyBooth :P). I promise it's not deliberate and that I have things to say :D

So, in the past few days I:

-Made a new video for my personal channel, finally! I swear I'm not letting vloglovers and life consume me :P

-Got approached by a fake Charlie(issocoollike) on DailyBooth, asking "Could they upload an important message to my channel", because apparently Alex had already done it and "his was processing". Upon checking COOLIIKE (replace an L with an I, geddit?)'s profile, I saw he had one picture and his name was "Toby". XD Massive fail.

-Had a big long Skype call with Min ^_^ (it's occurred to me that this might not seem like a big thing to most people, but we usually talk via MSN, so Skype's an occasional novelty :D)

-Escaped Asshole Friday at work, by being sent to the upstairs bar for our music venue launch party, where I earned MORE tips than the girl I was working with xD

-Remembered that everybody is going to Nottingham/Derby for Dave's gig this weekend and felt gutted :(

-Got in an argument with a female customer at work, about who between us was "the drunk one" after she asked for the wrong drink and proceeded to blame me.... really? xD

-Started writing down/filming new bits of video ideas that I hope to work on this week :D

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