Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Today I:

-Slept until 1pm. OH GOD I've needed a lie-in like that for so long ^_^

-Wasted the afternoon (again, ^_^)

-Went out to a pub quiz at the workplace with some staffmates. We didn't win :P

-Drew the O RLY Owl on a scrap of paper at the quiz, and one of my teammates got the reference. Win!

-Headed out to a club with obscenely cheap drinks....

-Came home after the end of it all and drunk-Dailyboothed. Thankfully you can't really tell xD


  1. How do you hyperlink stuff without actually typing the link in your post?

  2. There's a html code you use. I think its href or something, Google it.

  3. I would like to invite you to join my group in facebook in battling the cheaters in pub quizzes using their phones. It's a little unfair that if you've got the money to own one, that you can cheat and receive all the glory of winning your local pub quiz.

    Let's get united to Stop Pub Quiz Rascals