Sunday, 5 April 2009


Today I:

-Got up early, even after working really late the night before, to get a haircut :D

-Wandered around my part of town for half an hour only to realise that all the barbers and haidressers nearby were shut on Sundays x_x Went and did some food shopping to avoid wasting my time..

-Heard noises in the flat while I ate breakast; I thought I was alone? D: Turns out it was the "meh" flatmate coming back from Greece..

-Met up with my aunt for lunch. She's a lawyer, so she plans to look at my flat's contract to see if I can bail on the Landlady From Hell...

-Did a bit of shopping with my aunt :) She had to get some things for my other aunt's hen party (Moulin Rouge theme), so we stopped by a vintage shop where I got this AWESOME jacket <33

-Worked from 8 onwards... Absolutely exhausting, I was left to fend for myself against another rowdy hen party and all the crazy guys surrounding them. But they tipped really well! :P


  1. Now you look like something from Life On Mars - trust in the Gene genie :)

  2. Ahh just spotted your dailybooth pic on the side there - is that a kilt I see??

  3. oh hey wow it sounds like you had some day!!! and the jacket looks very cool btw. :D

  4. oh hey ! i just discovered your blog and i tried to read some of your posts! gorgeous jacket by the way ;) and good luck with your flatlady ;p

  5. pleased to meet you

    come pay a visit some time